What is Detoxification? Do I Need to Go To Detox?

Detoxification is simply defined as the process of removing toxic substances from the body. In the substance abuse treatment world this is an important process as many drug and alcohol addicts have maintained high levels of a toxic substance in their body for extended periods of time and disrupting that delicate balance of chemicals in the brain and body can be detrimental to your health. While withdrawal symptoms from some substances can last for much longer than the typical detoxification period, once the majority of the chemicals are removed the brain can then think clearly. Detoxification is a necessary process to undergo before beginning treatment however it is not a standalone way to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Once detox has been completed it is important to go straight into an inpatient treatment program so that you can learn how to avoid putting toxic substances back into your body.

How Does Detox Work?

There are many methods that facilities will use to get you or your loved one through the worst of the withdrawal period. There are medications available that ease withdrawal symptoms as your body clears itself of toxins and many facilities will step you down from certain drugs like benzodiazepines since withdrawals from these can be deadly if not medically monitored. If you are ceasing use of alcohol there are a range of medications that may be used from benzodiazepines to non-narcotic antihistamines and neuro-blockers to reduce the risk of seizures or prevent other symptoms of withdrawal. The goal of detoxification is to ensure that the client is made a comfortable as possible as they get through the withdrawal process and are kept safe from the damaging effects of ceasing drug and alcohol use. It is important to be completely honest about your history of drug use with the staff when receiving the initial evaluation. The detox process may take place in a full medical facility or it may be done in a comfortable living situation with medical staff. The choice about where to detox should be made with the drug history and the individual needs of each client’s situation in mind. Call us today at (757) 209-2688 to discuss your options.

Healing the Mind after Healing the Body

When a person has become addicted to a substance they usually have a lot of underlying causes relating to why they used drugs or alcohol in the first place. Any good substance abuse treatment plan should be a multifaceted approach at healing all of the aspects surrounding the use of drugs and alcohol. Detoxification is meant to heal the body but it does nothing to prevent the addict from using again once they are feeling better. The best step to take after the toxic chemicals have been removed from the body is to immediately attend an inpatient treatment center where the individual can learn about themselves and address co-occurring disorders that contributed to their drug use. Drug education and group as well as individual therapy is important to heal not only the body but also the mind. Recovery is about quality of life and a good recovery plan should address all aspects of the addict’s life. Many people recovering from substance abuse have strained relationships with their use and behaviors that come with it. Family therapy and communication skills are important aspects of a good treatment program. The goal is to teach a person how to handle life without needing drugs or alcohol to cope. If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem then don’t wait to get them the help and treatment plan they need. Call us today at (757) 209-2688 to get started on the path to recovery!