Why is Alcoholism So Dangerous?

Alcohol abuse and dependency can have a devastating effect on your life by ruining relationships, ending careers, result in jail-time and most importantly cause lasting damage to your body. Alcoholism can cause many health affects like cirrhosis (hardening) of the liver, nutritional deficiencies, nervous system damage, brain damage, heart disease, stomach ulcers and death. Psychological health and social skill deterioration is common in those with an alcohol dependency. Withdrawals from alcohol are life threatening because when a person ceases drinking they may have delirium tremens, which are a series of small seizures that make the person look like they are trembling. If you or your loved one has an alcohol abuse problem then don’t wait to get help. It is imperative that you call a professional now at (757) 209-2688 to get into a facility with medically supervised treatment.

What Treatment is Available for Alcohol Abuse?

Most substance abuse treatment facilities will treat alcohol abuse, however, if you are in need of treatment you will want to make sure that the facility you choose is a good fit for you. There are many options available in treatment facilities. You will want to make sure that the facility that you go to will be attentive to your individual needs including a physical and psychological examination that allows them to create a treatment plan for you. Treatment plans should include withdrawal management as your body detoxes, dual diagnosis assessments to treat co-occurring disorders, individual and group therapy, alcohol abuse education and custom aftercare plans. Other aspects of treatment to consider are religious based, 12-step based, or SMART Recovery approaches to recovery. Get the most out of treatment so that you can give you or your loved ones the best chance at lasting sobriety. Call us to discuss your options for treatment at (757) 209-2688. We can help you in this time of need.

Where Do I Start When Trying to Stop?

When considering rehabilitation for alcohol abuse it is understandable that the alcoholic in question would be distressed. Ceasing use of the substance that you have relied on to keep yourself going through the trials and tribulations of everyday life is scary. At Drug Rehab Newport News we fully comprehend the gravity of the situation and that is why we strive to take the burden off of your shoulders as much as possible. You don’t have to go it alone and if you are wondering where to start on the path to a better quality of life then call us now at (757) 209-2688. You can speak to a recovery professional to help you navigate through the ins and outs of finding the right treatment, exploring payment and insurance options, and get the help you need. We are here for you! All you have to do is pick up the phone so don’t wait to get your life back.