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Treatment in Newport News

Newport News, which was founded in 1896, is a fast growing city with a rich history. From a small fishing and plantation village before the American Civil War to being home to the world’s largest shipyard, Newport News has flourished and become a vibrant hub for commerce and military. Along with this growth has come a bustling nightlife scene and an increase in alcohol, cocaine, heroin and prescription drug abuse. Whatever you or your loved one’s drug of choice may be, there is help for drug and alcohol addiction. Your situation may seem insurmountable but with the right help, anyone can overcome addiction and gain their life and happiness back. Call us now at (757) 209-2688 to find treatment!

Treatment Tailored for YOUR Needs!

Drug Rehab Newport News is here to ensure that you or your loved one can find the right rehabilitation services to fit the specific needs of each addict and alcoholic. No matter whether you struggle with alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin or any other combination of depressants or stimulants, we can find you the individualized help that you need. There are many different facilities that offer tailored solutions to the disease of addiction. It can be frustrating and very difficult to find drug and alcohol treatment especially when you or your loved one is struggling just to get through the day. Allow Drug Rehab Newport News to do the work in finding the right treatment for you! We are here to serve your needs and do the heavy lifting for you. Start now by calling us at (757) 209-2688. If you or your loved one needs treatment then don’t wait to give yourself or them the life they deserve.

Do I Really Need to go to REHAB?

Inpatient Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of overcoming the disease of addiction. And most likely if you have found yourself reading this and wondering if you really need treatment for your alcohol or drug problem, then most likely you do. A good question to ask yourself would be “has my drinking or drug use affected my life negatively?” If you answered yes to that and you continue to drink or use despite the negative consequences that you have experienced, then you should call us now at (757) 209-2688 to speak to an intake specialist. We can help you get to the right place to avoid any more negative consequences from your substance abuse.

Get to a Better Place

If you are considering inpatient treatment to combat substance abuse, you will want to ensure that you find a facility that fits yours or your loved one’s needs to give them the best chance at recovery possible. Most often this means getting the addict away from old triggers, environments and people that could jeopardize their recovery. Traveling for treatment gives a recovering drug addict or alcoholic the chance to recover in a safe new environment and build a safe new life for themselves. Those who attend treatment in a different state have a higher probability of successfully completing treatment and continuing on their road to a better quality of life. Call us at (757) 209-2688 to speak to a professional about your options for getting out of state treatment.

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